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Graph Transformations

: 2006

: 978-3-540-38872-2


ICGT 2006 was the 3rd International Conference on Graph Transformation, following the previous two in Barcelona (2002) and Rome (2004), and a series of six international workshops between 1978 and 1998. The scope of the conference concerned graphical structures of various kinds (like graphs, diagrams and visual sentences) that are useful when describing complex structures and systems in a direct and intuitive way. These structures are often enriched with formalisms that model their evolution via suitable kinds of transformations. The ?eld of the conference was concerned with the theory, applications, and implementation issues of such formalisms. Particularemphasis wasputonmetamodelswhichcanaccommodateavarietyofgraphicalstructures within the same abstract theory.

: Computer Science, Hypergraph, algorithmic graph theory, algorithms, automata, computational graph theory, conceptual design, distributed systems, graph algorithms, graph computations, graph design, graph drawing, graph grammars, graph transformations, graphical structu, modeling