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Federation over the Web

: 2006

: 978-3-540-32587-1


The lives of people all around the world, especially in industrialized nations, continue to be changed by the presence and growth of the Internet. Its in?uence is felt at scales ranging from private lifestyles to national economies, boosting thepaceatwhichmoderninformationandcommunicationtechnologiesin?uence personal choices along with business processes and scienti?c endeavors. In addition to its billions of HTML pages, the Web can now be seen as an open repository of computing resources. These resources provide access to computational services as well as data repositories, through a rapidly growing variety of Web applications and Web services.

: Computer Science, Path, Web search, Web-based resources, algorithms, clustering, data analysis, data mining, interoperability, knowledge evolution, knowledge federation, knowledge processing, machine learning, pattern matching, querying digital libraries, text mining