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Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery (vol. # 4081)

: 2006

: 978-3-540-37737-5


DaWaK aimed at providing the right and logical balance between data warehousing and knowledge discovery. In data warehousing the papers cover different research problems, such as advanced techniques in OLAP visuali- tion and multidimensional modelling, innovation of ETL processes and integration problems, materialized view optimization, very large data warehouse processing, data warehouses and data mining applications integration, data warehousing for real-life applications, e. g. , medical applications and spatial applications. In data mining and knowledge discovery, papers are focused on a variety of topics from data streams analysis and mining, ontology-based mining techniques, mining frequent item sets, clustering, association and classification, patterns and so on.

: Computer Science, LA, OLAP, On-Line Analytical Processing, classification, data warehouse, knowledge discovery, ontology, service-oriented computing, warehousing