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Plasticity in the Visual System

: 2006

: 978-0-387-28190-2


Plasticity is the basis for learning, memory formation and cognition, and the adaptability it affords is essential for normal day-to-day functioning. Many diseases of brain functioning can be described as, or affect, plasticity mechanisms. The goal of Plasticity in the Visual System: From Genes to Circuits is to assemble and integrate the various levels of analysis required to approach a more complete picture of plasticity in the visual system. Researchers with backgrounds varying from systems neuroscience to molecular biology present a coherent picture of visual system plasticity, in which an array of genetic and molecular processes becomes linked with changes in neuronal connectivity, physiological changes, and ultimately, learning behavior. Because of its interdisciplinary view on plasticity, this book will appeal to the wide neuroscience community.

: Biomedical and Life Sciences, Cortex, gene expression, genes, molecular biology, neural mechanisms, neurophysiology, perception, physiology