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Managing Dynamic Networks

Publication year: 2006

: 978-3-540-32884-1


Collaboration of organizations reshapes traditional managerial practices and creates new inter-organizational contexts for strategy, coordination and control, information and knowledge management. Heralded as organizational forms of the future, networks are at the same time fragile and precarious organizational arrangements, which regularly fail. In order to investigate the new realities created by technology-enabled forms of network organizations and to address the emerging managerial challenges, this book introduces an integrative view on inter-firm network management. Centred on a network life cycle perspective, strategic, economic and relational facets of business networking are explored.

: Business and Economics, Information Technology (IT), Inter-firm Collaboration, Organisation, business, electronic commerce, knowledge management, management, network management, networks, organization, organizations, project management, research & development (R&D), service-oriented computing, strategy