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The Management of Transshipment Terminals

: 2006

: 978-0-387-30854-8


Multinational companies aim at strategic competitive advantages by distributing their activities around the globe. As a result, the in­ dividual supply chains become longer and more complex. Next to the supply chain reliability, companies try to keep supply chains cost effi­ cient and responsive, i.e. warrant short order fulfillment lead times (Siirie and Wagner, 2005). The above goals dictate low inventory levels at the stages of a supply chain as well as a high frequency of transports between the partners involved. Supply Chain Requirements. Detailed performance measures for a supply chain are provided by the Supply Chain Operations Refer­ ence (SCOR) model (Supply-Chain Council, 2002).

: Business and Economics, Mattfeld, Supply Chains, automotive, distribution, logistics, management, operations research, optimization, planning, resource allocation, terminals, transshipment, vehicle logistics