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Management Andragogics 2

: 2006

: 978-3-540-28975-3


At a time when managers often provide fodder for unseemly headlines, and some are even compared unflatteringly with locusts, today’s business leaders are called upon as never before to demonstrate the moral justification for their activities, and to ensure that it is understood by all the key stakeholders of a company. What is required is nothing less than a management renaissance, based on a thoroughgoing concept of corporate leadership; there is no less a need for decision makers who hold themselves to the highest standards, with a positive perception of their fu- tion as agents of dissemination, and who are committed to the good not only of “their” firm, but also of society in general.

: Business and Economics, Andragogics, Business Administration, MBA, MBA Education, Management, Management Education, Zurich Living Case, development