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Wireless Systems and Network Architectures in Next Generation Internet

: 2006

: 978-3-540-34026-3


The Network of Excellence on Next Generation Internet (EuroNGI) is a Euro-pean project funded by the European Union within the IST programme. Thetarget of the EuroNGI Network is to put together European centers of excellencein the field of networking and engineering with the specific purpose of promot-ing the development of effective technological solutions for the support of thefuture-generation Internet. Besides the Research Activities (RAs), the Networkis composed of Integration Activities (IAs), whose purpose is to foster collabo-rations among different research groups, and Spreading of Excellence Activities(SEAs), whose focus is on the technological transfer of the Network research.

: Computer Science, 802.11 networks, GPRS networks, P2P systems, QoS, ad-hoc networks, cellular networks, mesh networks, mobile communication, mobile peer-to-peer networking, mobility, network algorithms, network protocols, next-generation internet, pervasive computing, ubqu