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Advances in Web Mining and Web Usage Analysis

Publication year: 2006

: 978-3-540-47128-8


The Webisaliveenvironmentthatmanagesanddrivesawidespectrumofapp- cations in which a user may interact with a company, a governmental authority, a non-governmental organization or other non-pro?t institution or other users. User preferences and expectations, together with usage patterns, form the basis for personalized, user-friendly and business-optimal services. Key Web business metrics enabled by proper data capture and processing are essential to run an e?ective business or service. Enabling technologies include data mining, sc- able warehousing and preprocessing, sequence discovery, real time processing, document classi?cation, user modeling and quality evaluation models for them. Recipient technologies required for user pro?ling and usage patterns include recommendation systems, Web analytics applications, and application servers, coupled with content management systems and fraud detectors.

: Computer Science, data mining, knowledge, knowledge discovery, modeling, recommender system, semantic web, web mining