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VOCUS: A Visual Attention System for Object Detection and Goal-Directed Search

Publication year: 2006

: 978-3-540-32760-8


This monograph presents a complete computational system for visual attention and object detection: VOCUS (Visual Object detection with a CompUtational attention System) is a system capable of automatically selecting regions of interest in images and detecting specific objects. It represents a major step forward on integrating data-driven and model-driven information into a single framework. Additionally, the volume contains an extensive review of the literature on visual attention, detailed evaluations of VOCUS in different settings, and applications of the system in the context of object recognition and robotics.

: Computer Science, artificial intelligence, automation, biologically motivated systems, classification, cognition, cognitive systems, computational attention, computer vision, goal-directed image search, information extraction, object detection, object recognition, robot, robot vision, robotics