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Adequacy, Accountability, and the Future of Public Education Funding

Publication year: 2005

: 978-0-387-23361-1


This book is about public education reform and the future of pubHc education funding. Given the many articles, books, and conferences that have focused on the issue of public education reform, it is reasonable to ask whether the world needs still another volume on this subject. In my defense, I would argue that, although there is a large literature on public education reform, there is precious little that tries to sketch the big picture. Too often, both in research and in practice, it is easy to lose sight of the forest, for all the focus on the individual trees. While such detailed analysis is of critical value, that value derives both from its specificity and from its ability to fit into a larger, coherent whole.

: Business and Economics, ETA, attention, education, education reform, funding, intervention, motivation, reform, state