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Advances in Data Mining

Publication year: 2005

: 978-3-540-30185-1


This book constitutes the proceedings of the Industrial Conference on Data Mining ICDM-Leipzig was the fourth meeting in a series of annual events which started in 2000, organized by the Institute of Computer Vision and Applied Computer Sciences (IBaI) in Leipzig. The mission of the conference is to bring together researchers and people from industry in order to discuss together new trends and applications in data mining. This year a broad spectrum of work of different applications was presented ranging from image mining, medicine and biotechnology, management and environmental control, to telecommunications. Besides that an industrial exhibition showed the successful application of data mining methods by industries in different areas such as medical devices, mass data management systems, data mining tools, etc. During the discussion many projects were inspired leading to new and joint work. The fruitful discussions, the exchange of ideas and the spirit of the conference made it a remarkable event for both sides, industry and research.

: Computer Science, Case-Based Reasoning, access control, algorithmic learning, association rule mining, bioinformatics, business data mining, classification, clustering, data mining, image mining, knowledge discovery, log data mining, medical data mining, video mining