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Bioinformatics Using Computational Intelligence Paradigms

Publication year: 2005

: 978-3-540-32361-7


Bioinformatics as well as Computational Intelligence are undoubtedly remarkably fast growing fields of research and real-world applications with enormous potential for current and future developments. "Bioinformatics using Computational Intelligence Paradigms" contains recent theoretical approaches and guiding applications of biologically inspired information processing systems(Computational Intelligence) against the background of bioinformatics. This carefully edited monograph combines the latest results of Bioinformatics and Computational Intelligence and offers a promising cross-fertilisation and interdisciplinary work between these growing fields.

: Engineering, Biologically Inspired Information Systems, Case-Based Reasoning, Computational Biology, Computational Intelligence, Ensembl, Microarray, Soft Computing, bioinformatics, classification, cognition, information processing, intelligence, model