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The Continental-Scale Greenhouse Gas Balance of Europe

Publication year: 2008

: 978-0-387-76570-9


The book assesses the current greenhouse gas (GHG) monitoring capabilities of Europe, identifies and quantifies the uncertainties involved, and outlines the direction of a continental-scale GHG monitoring network. The chapters provide a synthesis based on current research results of the European greenhouse gases budget, its sources and sinks and uniquely addresses both the methodology of carbon cycle science and the science itself. It aims to provide a synthesis of terrestrial carbon cycle science at the continental scale. At the same time both the individual chapters and concluding chapter outline the directions to and requirements for a pan-continental greenhouse gas monitoring network.

: Earth and Environmental Science, Ecology, Climate Change Management and Policy, Environmental Management, CO2, CarboEurope, GHG, Greenhouse gas, Scale, Transport, air pollution, carbon cycle, atmosphere, carbon dioxide, ecosystem, greenhouse, monitoring, satellite, wetland