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A Legacy for Living Systems

Publication year: 2008

: 978-1-4020-6706-8


This book represents a major attempt to revise this deficiency. Scholars from ecology, biochemistry, evolutionary biology, cognitive science, anthropology and philosophy discuss how Bateson's thinking might lead to a fruitful reframing of central problems in modern science. Most important perhaps, Bateson's bioanthropology is shown to play a key role in developing the set of ideas explored in the new field of biosemiotics. The idea that organismic life is indeed basically semiotic or communicative lies at the heart of the biosemiotic approach to the study of life.The only book of its kind, this volume provides a key resource for the quickly-growing substratum of scholars in the biosciences, philosophy and medicine who are seeking an elegant new approach to exploring highly complex systems.

: Biomedical and Life Sciences, Adaptation, Biosemiotics, Evolution, Gregory Bateson, Meaning, Mind, cognitive science, communication, complex system, evolutionary biology, media, medicine, protocells