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Bacterial Signal Transduction: Networks and Drug Targets

Publication year: 2008

: 978-0-387-78885-2


Interactions among different TCSs enable one system to respond to multiple signals, which is important for bacteria to minutely adjust themselves to complex environmental changes. Such interactions are found or predicted in various bacteria in this book. Over the past decade, a vast amount of exciting new information on the signal transduction pathway in bacteria has been brought to light. Reports on these develop› ments have been put together in this book, Bacterial Signal Transduction: Networks andDrug Targets. This book Offers an incentive for graduate students, academic scientists, and researchers in the pharmaceutical industry to further elucidate the TCS networks and apply them in the search for novel drugs.

: Biomedical and Life Sciences, bacteria, biology, cell, development, drug, drugs, evolution, metabolism, microbiology, pharmaceutical industry, regulation, research, resistance, signal transduction, signaling system