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ARIS Design Platform

Publication year: 2008

: 978-1-84800-111-4


ARIS is ranked as the leading Business Process Modelling tool in the Gartner Quadrant for Business Process Analysis and Optimization. The ARIS Design Platform is being used as a business process management (BPM) tool for projects in BPM, quality management, business analysis and design, software development, implementation of service-oriented architectures and so forth. Following on from Rob Davis’ successful introductory text, ARIS Design Platform: Getting Started with BPM, this new book covers in detail some of the more advanced concepts of using ARIS Business Architect in the new ARIS 7 Design Platform. Written in a reader-friendly style, it contains detailed explanations of key concepts combined with numerous examples, hints and tips gained from many years of practical experience of using ARIS.

: Business and Economics, ARIS, ARIS Business Architect, ARIS Design Platform, ARIS Platform, BPM, Enterprise Architecture, Event-driven Process Chain, Process Design, Process Modelling, business process, business process management, modeling, optimization, service-oriented architecture, verification