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Bioactive Heterocycles III

Publication year: 2007

: 978-3-540-73402-4


Bioactive Heterocycles III provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the most recent breakthroughs in the ?eld of heterocycles. This volume contains 8 chapters written by experts in their respective ?elds from all over the world. The chapters summarize years of extensive research in each area, and providein sight in the new themesofnaturalproduct research.Manyofthe contributors illustrate their laboratory experiences. It's obvious that readers will gain exciting and essential information fromthe volume. In the ?rst chapter, Kayser et al. describe the chemistry, biosynthesis and biological activities of artemisinin, one of the most promising antimalarial molecules, and its related natural peroxides.

: Chemistry and Materials Science, Glycogen, biochemistry, chemistry, drugs, enzymes, heterocylces, medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry