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The Morality of Business

Publication year: 2007

: 978-0-387-48907-0


That business is benevolent, positive, and honorable might seem a difficult argument given the hostility among intellectuals, academics, artists and pundits towards this essentially benevolent profession. In this thought-provoking book,  The Morality of Business: A Profession for Human Wealthcare, Machan argues that business, like medicine, enhances human life, and that it is indeed a thoroughly decent profession for people to choose to enter, in order to best serve the worthy goal of promoting all around prosperity. He goes beyond the utilitarian case, that business serves society quite well, to contend that caring for one's own economic well being is prudent, that enhancing the wealth of one's household is a proper objective, and to serve clients in the capacity of managing their wealth successfully is every bit as honorable as serving patients with their health needs. The result is a positive statement, in the tradition of Adam Smith and David Hume, addressing some of the most controversial topics of today, including job "security," outsourcing, and government regulation.

: Business and Economics, Business, Job Security, business ethics, ethics government, regulation, moral capitalism, social policy, stakeholder theory