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Advances in Hybrid Information Technology

Publication year: 2007

: 978-3-540-77368-9


As information technologies (IT) become specialized and fragmented, it is easy to lose sight that many topics in IT have common threads and because of this, advances in one sub-discipline may transmit to another. The presentation of results between di?erent sub-disciplines of IT encourages this interchange for the advancement of IT as a whole. Of particular interest is the hybrid approach or combining ideas from one discipline with those of another to achieve a result that is more signi?cant than the sum of the individual parts. Through this hybrid philosophy, a new or common principle can be discovered which has the propensity to propagate throughout this multifaceted discipline.

: Computer Science, Java, Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), artificial intelligence, authentication, communication, computational intelligence, computer forensics, decision making, evolutionary programming, expert system, fuzzy systems, mac, optimization, robot, visualization