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Advanced Computational Intelligence Paradigms in Healthcare

: 2007

: 978-3-540-47527-9


This book presents some of the most recent research results on the applications of computational intelligence in healthcare. The contents include: Information model for management of clinical content State-based model for management of type II diabetes Case-based reasoning in medicine Assessing the quality of care in artificial intelligence environment Electronic medical record to examine physician decisions Multi-agent systems for the management of community healthcare Assistive wheelchair navigation Modelling treatment processes using information extraction Neonatal pain detection using face classification techniques Medical education interfaces using virtual patients The book is directed to the computer scientists, medical practitioners, scientists, professors and students of health science, computer science and related disciplines.

: Engineering, Case-Based Reasoning, Navigation, artificial intelligence, classification, computational intelligence, electronic medical record, information extraction, intelligence, intelligent systems, medicine, model, modeling, multi-agent system, multi-agent systems, simulation