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IPv6 in Practice

Publication year: 2007

: 978-3-540-48001-3


This book is a practical guide to IPv6 addressing Unix and network administrators with experience in TCP/IP(v4) but not necessarily any IPv6 knowledge. It focuses on reliable and efficient operation of IPv6 implementations available today rather than on protocol specifications. Consequently, it covers the essential concepts - using instructive and thoroughly tested examples - on how to configure, to administrate, and to debug IPv6 setups.

: Computer Science, 6to4-Tunnel, BIND, DNS, Hexago, Freenet6, Ipsec, IPv4, IPv6, IPv6 Enabled Services, Inetd, Internet6, Mobile IPv6, NFS, Network Time Protocol, OpenSSH, Packet Filter, Qualitiy of Services, RIPng, SixXS, XInet.d