Law - Majors & Graduation

Graduation & Majors

Graduation from the Faculty of Law at the Arab International Private University

Career Opportunities:

The graduate could join a number of relevant jobs:

  • Registration at the Syrian Bar Association to practice the legal profession.
  • Join the Police Academy to graduate as officers of the Internal Security Forces.
  • Attend a course at the Judicial Institute to graduate and work as a judge.
  • Work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Diplomatic Corps.
  • Assignment in the public service within various fields of the public sector.
  • Assignment as a member of the University Faculty Members after earning Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Law.
  • Work with private and joint sector companies in various fields.
  • Advisory work for the public and private sectors.
  • Work at the United Nations and other international and regional organizations.
  • Advisory work in the International Law.

Postgraduate Studies:

The student can enroll in postgraduate to earn Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Law.

Majors in the Faculty of Law at the Arab International Private University

Public Law: The study of rules that organize relations among different parties, one of which (or all of them) has public authority.
This study is divided into several sections:

  1. Constitutional Law: The Constitutional Law deals with the fundamental principles and rules upon which the system of government and the State are based.
  2. Administrative Law: The Administrative Law governs the activity of the executive authority while performing administrative functions and managing public utilities. This Law also specializes in the relation between the State and its employees.
  3. Financial Law: The Financial Law organizes financial affairs that includes State’s public budget, resources and expenditures. This Law also includes Financial Market Law, Competition Law, and General Functional Laws.
  4. Penal Law: The Penal Law studies laws related to crimes (felonies, misdemeanors, violations and penalties) and the related imposed laws of the Penal Justice.
  5. Private Law: The Private Law deals with the fundamental principles and rules that govern the relationships among individuals that don’t have any sovereign attribute. The branches under this Law are:
    • Civil Law: The Civil Law deals with laws that controls relations among natural and legal individuals, and contract, obligation and ownership laws.
    • Commercial Law: The Commercial Law is the Law of merchants, commerce, companies, banks and banking transactions.
  6. Personal Status Law: The Personal Status Law deals with marriage, divorce, will and inheritance.