Law - Mission & Vision


The Faculty of Law at the Arab International Private University works towards: preparing a new generation of lawyers; building excellent law personnel who have high scientific, legal and ethical proficiency, and who can practice their leadership role throughout history; and spreading legal knowledge and juridical culture among society members and its public and private institutions.


  • To link the University with the society and the State by developing theoretically and practically qualified contexts.
  • To build the personality of the student and develop his theoretical and practical skills so, and while practicing his profession, he can understand the different legal and juridical lawsuits, disputes and conflicts to find suitable practical solutions for them and to give legal opinions and advisory to the legal and concerned authorities on the local, Arab and international levels.
  • To develop student’s effective communication skills with the society and the State, especially with lawyer, judge, owners of lawsuits and justice systems, and build bridges of trust with them.
  • To promote and encourage scientific research by conducting new and contemporary studies that meet the needs of individuals, society and the State, and are posed by the latest developments in the civil, commercial, administrative, penal and international relations.
  • To familiarize the student with continuing education and scientific research, and develop his legal knowledge while studying at the University and after graduation, so the graduate will apply all that he learned in his career in accordance with professional ethics such as honesty, trust, integrity at work, quality, and maintain professional confidentiality.
  • To reinforce scientific, educational and cultural links with relevant universities, bodies and institutions, and with justice systems, law firms, and all other organizations concerned with national, Arab and foreign legal and judicial activities.