Dr. Ahmad Abu Daher


Dr. Ahmad Abu Daher



Got the degree of Assistant Professor from the College of Ouzai – Beirut upon submitting two refereed research in the Journal of Damascus University of, and four publications:



الوجيزفيعلومالقرآناختصارمناهلالعرفان – للزرقاني






Member of teaching staff at the Faculties of Sharia and Law at University of Damascus until 2015 teaching the following subjects for the third year: “Real Property”, “Introduction to Jurisprudence” and “Criminal Jurisprudence”, in addition to the subject of “Islamic Law” at the Faculty of Law. After my retirement, I had a contract with the Presidency of Damascus University for more than five years.

I have taught several materials in the Alfateh Islamic institute for more than ten years.

Teaching several materials at the Sheikh Ahmed Kftaro institute in the Faculty of Sharia and Law.

I have supervised several research papers and university studies at Imam Al-Ouzai College - Beirut and Omdurman University in Sudan.

I have been entrusted with the task of issuing fatwas in the Yabroud region for over ten years.

I have done the work of Islamic arbitration in the Sharia Court - Yabroud.

PhD in Islamic Jurisprudence and its origins from Damascus University 1999. The subject of the thesis is: Duration in the contracts of legal transactions; a comparative study with the Syrian laws.” Diploma in Islamic jurisprudence and its origins from Damascus University, 1996. Master of Islamic Studies from Al-Ouzai College in Beirut, 1994;equivalency certificatein Damascus University. The  subject of Thesis is: “Duration of residential rent contracts in Syria”; comparative study with Syrian laws supervised by Dr. Wahba Al-Zuhaili. Degree in Islamic Law from Damascus University, 1975