• 16 Aug 2021
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Circular – Students expected to graduate in the Summer Semester 20203

Circular to students expected to graduate in the summer semester 3-2020
Students expected to graduate in semester 20203 are kindly requested to enter the link to modify the data for graduation documents and follow the following steps:
Enter the modified personal information screen and press the display information button to display the information saved in the academic system. The student will modify the data in the event of an error and complete the missing data, according to the existing instructions that are displayed when pressing the two buttons displaying the instructions for modifying data in Arabic and English and then clicking the Save Data button at the bottom of the page.
Upload the following personal documents (a copy of the ID card - a copy of the passport (if any) - a copy of the high school diploma) through the personal documents upload page.
Note that uploading the required documents and amending the data will be from 17/08/2021 until 01/09/2021, and the marks of students expected to graduate and who did not take the required procedure will be withheld until the completion of the data amendment and the uploading of the required documents.