Calcined Clay Based Geopolymer as a Clayey Soil Stabilizer: Some Geotechnical Properties

  • 12 Sep 2020
  • Ongoing Research - Civil Engineering and Building Materials


Dr. Aref M. al-Swaidani; Dr. Ibrahim Hammoud and Eng. Ayman Meziab


Scientific Research Council Meeting No. 6, 5/9/2020

Date of Acceptance

Expansive clayey soil, which may counter the civil engineer in buildings and roads foundations, has problematic properties need to be modified. Recently, Calcined clay has been used as a soil stabilizer/modifier.

Calcined clay can be obtained by thermally treatment of the mother clayey soil, in high temperature, but less than melting temperature.

Geopolymers from inorganic alumina-silicate sources, using alkali activation properties, conceder one of the expecting methods to develop the pozzolanic properties and enhance the efficiency of the calcined clay.   

Three expansive clayey soil samples from three different sites in the south of Syria are going to be investigated. They will thermally be treated up to different levels (550, 600°C) for 90 min.

Replacement levels of calcined clay based geoplymer will be used in a rang e of (3% to 12%) XRD, and pozzolanic activity tests will be carriedout at each temperature level.

Atterberg limits, compaction, free swell, swelling pressure, linear shrinkage and shear strength will be investigated before adding calcined clay based geoplymer and after it.

0SEM, EDX, AFM techniques will be employed as well.