• 26 Jul 2021
  • 1668

The Arab International University Ranks First Among Private Universities. AIU No.1

According to the results of webometrics for the month of July 2021, the Arab International University maintained its first rank among private universities in Syria and sixth rank among the Syrian public and private universities.
The university's ranking has also increased globally by 2184 places, from 9633 to 7449, among 30,000 universities within the aforementioned classification, according to the Matrix website at the following link:
According to the UniRank classification, the Arab International University has also maintained the first rank over the Syrian private universities and the second at the national level.
The University administration extends its sincere thanks to the members of the educational and administrative bodies for their efforts in the success and upgrading of the educational process and scientific research in the university and for remaining in the first place.