Dr. Elias Zaiyat


Dr. Elias Zaiyat



1980 Professor at Damascus University, Fine Arts
1962-present Instructor at Damascus University, Fine Arts



After his academic studies in Bulgaria, Egypt and Hungary, his knowledge of the works of art in many international museums, and his studies on our ancient heritage in Syrian museums, his artistic vision crystallized and spoke about his production which is still exhibited in his own solo and group exhibitions of contemporary Syrian art.
Zayat says about his current exhibition:
I see it as a summary of what I have gained in life and art, and I even define my intention of these paintings as saying that it represents my vision, as I exceed the age of seventy, which I offer to discussion and to communicate with the generation of young artists about whom Gibran says, "They are the sons and daughters of life in its nostalgia for itself ..." (The Book of the Prophet).

Academic studies in Bulgaria, Egypt and Hungary