Cultural entertainment Center - Rabwah - Damascus

Cultural entertainment Center - Rabwah - Damascus

Spécialisation: Architecture

Date du projet: 21-06-2021

Année d'études supérieures: 20201

Catégorie: Entertainment


  • Mohammed Anas AlKadi

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Between Addaf and Aljanak : The name derived from the project site, which is in the middle of two mountains in AL- Rabwah at the foot of the mountains surrounding the city of Damascus, where the western mountain bears the name of the AlDaff due to the large number of terraces planted with saffron i, while the eastern mountain bears the name of Al-Jannak because its head resembles the Turkish tambour machine .The importance of the project emerges from activating the role of the Barada River axis as a cultural and recreational hub that secures direct contact with Damascus city, and as afuturestic vision for the development of the urban landscape in Al-Rabwah area . Preserving the basic features of the site and its components from trees to rocks , trying to identify the topography of the site and emphasizing its features.
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