Examining the prevalence of thyroid disorders among female students of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Arab International University

  • 04 Jun 2022
  • Ongoing Research - Pharmacy

Mouhidien Jouma, Wafika Zarzour, Mazen Rajab, Louay Jouma and  Mehdi Alsett


Post Graduate Studies & Research Council Meeting No. 6, 16/5/2022

Date of Acceptance


Background: Endocrine disorders are common amongst women out of which thyroid disorders represent an important subset of these endocrine disorders. Hypothyroidism in young women is linked to menstrual irregularities, polycystic ovaries and infertility. In addition, several studies have highlighted the importance of diagnosing and treating hypothyroidism in pregnancy. Therefore, this study was done to assess the prevalence of hypothyroidism in university female students.

Methods: This is a cross-sectional study where the study population will be 150 female students at faculty of pharmacy in Arab International University, in the age group 17-25 years.

A survey will be conducted using a semi - structured questionnaire. It will followed by clinical examination and recognizing the high-risk group of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism using Zulewski’s Scoring Criteria or Wayne's diagnostic index, respectively. The TSH, anti-TG, anti-TPO anthropometric measurements, and, lifestyle will be assessed in All the 150 students.

Our study could show that thyroid screening should be included in medical check-up in all universities.