Dr. Wafa Habbal

Dr. Wafa Habbal

Associate Prof
Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences Program for Distinguished, Damascus University, Syria, 2016-present
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy, Arab International University, Syria, 2013-present
Technical Supervisor, Molecular Diagnostics Lab, Al Assad Hospital, Damascus University, Syria, 2002-present

PhD in Microbiology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Damascus University, Syria, 2012
Master Science in Laboratory Diagnostics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Damascus University, Syria, 2006
Higher Diploma of Laboratory Diagnostics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Damascus University, Syria, 2001
Bachelor of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Damascus University, Syria, 1997
Certified Professional in HealthCare Quality (CPHQ), National Association for HealthCare Quality (NAHQ), USA, 2009


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