Laboratory of Structural Engineering


The lab of structural engineering includes educational experiments that cover the following basic subjects: Equipments of Stress and strain analysis, Experiments of structural mechanics, Experiments of statics, and Testing of strength of materials.

 Main Experiments

Stress & Strain Analysis

Structural Mechanics Experiments

Statics Experiments

Testing of Strength of Materials

 Main Equipments

 Multi-Channel Measurement Amplifier - GUNT FL 151(16-Channel)

Deformation of Frames - GUNT SE 110.20

Tension Coefficient Apparatus - TM115

Framework Experimental System - SE110.21

Framework Experimental System - SE110.22

Experimental Set of Parabolic Arch - SE110.16Apparatus to Investigate Hooke's Law - TM400


General Learning Objectives

Students can gain knowledge and independent skills of the following

·   Fundamentals of measuring with strain gauges

·   Calculation of the mechanical deformations under tension, bending and torsion, determination of the modulus of elasticity for various materials, etc.

·   Amplification and display of signals from measuring points

·   Processing of measured values on computer

·   Differences between statically determinate and statically indeterminate frames

·   Application of the principle of superposition 

·   Comparison of calculated and measured data

·   Graphical breakdown of forces by force parallelogram


·   Mechanical principles of the parabolic arch