• 23 Jan 2021
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Announcement regarding installment payments for the second semester 2020-2021

Registration for the second semester of 2020/2021 starts on Saturday 13/2/2021 (for all colleges) and ends on Wednesday 17/2/2021. Students must take the initiative to pay the balance of their account for the previous semesters (if any) and pay the installment of the second semester shown in the attached schedule, no later than Monday 8/2/2021.
Since the university presidency is keen on fairness for students who are committed to paying their installments within the specified dates, registration shall be available only for those who have duly paid their tuitions for the second semester.
As for students who are late in payment and who did not abide by the specified date, the possibility of registration will be denied during the registration period specified above, and their registration will be postponed to the last day of the registration week, which is Wednesday 17/2/20221. The student shall bear the consequences of defaulting on due payments; such as courses and classrooms' closure. In addition, the possibility of choosing appropriate timing for available lectures would not be possible.
Payment shall be made in one of the following banks approved by the university:
  • Bank Bemo Saudi Faransi
Account: Arab International University
Account No.: 0444400
  • Damascus Branch/Salhieh/Sham Complex Building/ "Main Branch"
  • Mazzeh - Autostrad
  • Ayyar 29 Street
  • Ibn Khaldoun – Harika
  • Kournish Al Midan – across The Orphanage
  • Abdullah Bin Omar Street – Al Abassiyeen
  • Ishak Street – Bab Touma
  • Municipality Street – Jaraman
  • Dummar – Al Jazeereh 9 – across "Samir Nahhas" School
  • Industrial City – Adra
  • The Arab Bank – Syria
Account: Arab International University
Account No.: 000/6010/760/31789/202
  • Abu Remmaneh – Al Mahdi Bin Baraka Street (Administration)

  • Abu Remmaneh 2 – Al Mahdi Bin Baraka Street
  • Mazzeh – Autostrad
  • Birj Al Rous Square
  • Municipality Street – Jaramana
  • Real Estate Bank
Account: Arab International University
Account No.  CK-10058645
Branch: Cooperative Real Estate – Yousef Al Azmeh Street – The Engineers' Buiding
  • When paying, the student's triple name along with the university ID number should be written.
  • A fine of 5% on the amount of due tuition will be imposed on the student after the registration period ends. (17/2/2021)
  • Regarding transportation subscription, an announcement will be issued for this purpose.
The Presidency is looking forward to having all students abide by the due dates announced above, so the registration process is done conveniently.