• 01 Jun 2021
  • 649

Announcement regarding the mechanism for withdrawing from courses electronically through the electronic portal for the second semester 20202

Students can withdraw from courses through the electronic portal so that the student determines the courses he wishes to withdraw from, and students can freeze the class by withdrawing all the courses of the class by the same mechanism, from 31/5/2021 until 16/6/2021.

The portal is entered using the student’s personal account and then entered the registration tab and then withdraws from the courses. The courses that the student wishes to withdraw from are determined and then click on the save option.

The student can ensure that the withdrawal process is implemented by entering the Academic tab, then viewing the academic record and reviewing the courses of the second semester 20202 so that the status of the courses is displayed.


In the event of any problem, please review the Directorate of Admission and Registration during the period specified above, noting that no paper applications will be received in the colleges or any application will be implemented after the date specified above.