Business Administration - Mission & Vision


The Faculty of Business Administration at the Arab International University is one of the leading faculties in Syria due to its developed syllabus, distinct teaching competencies, and open and collaborative environment that encourages students to expand upon their knowledge going beyond university books to reach real-life experiences.

At our faculty, we strive to provide students with the latest knowledge in the field of business administration by adopting modern curricula.




  • To graduate students in the field of business sciences.
  • To provide high educational quality allowing the student to apply the scientific knowledge of business administration in an ever changing work environment.
  • To reinforce collaboration between the faculty and both business and industrial sectors, and to provide training and support career opportunities for students.
  • To encourage students’ participation in scientific and practical activities and meetings for improving competences of students and supporting the position of the faculty and the university.
  • To support the scientific research environment and encourage students for local and international scientific publishing.
  • To develop and improve the relationship between the faculty and its alumni allowing the transfer of expertise from former graduates to new students.