Admission and Registration Policy in the College of Fine Arts

Admission & Registration

The Faculty of Arts at the Arab International Private University (AIU) accepts its students who hold a high school diploma in its scientific and literary branches, in addition to modern and old professional secondary schools, after undergoing a training course, and they pass the entrance exam that the college administers periodically, in a way that meets the admission requirements approved by the Ministry of Education Higher.

  • The first year in the College of Arts is a preparatory first year for all majors with courses with a common stem.
  • A student of the College of Arts must successfully complete 134 credit hours to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in the major of his choice.

The majors of The College of Arts:

  1. Degree in Arts - Interior Architecture.
  2. Degree in Arts - Visual Communication specialization.
  3. Degree in Arts - Theater and Film Directing (acting specialization)
    In the Acting Section, qualified actors are graduated, in the field of cinematic, theater and television acting, with high talents and competitive ability in the Syrian, Arab and international labor market, with various competencies and skills that enable them to work in cinema, theater and television.
  4. Degree in Arts - Theater and Film Directing (Film Directing specialization)
    The Film Directing Section provides the local, Arab and international labor market with film directors who have an in-depth understanding of the directing craft and its social, political and economic role and with artistic, cultural and aesthetic skills that enable them to understand the local and regional environment and to reflect it cinematically in a creative and creative way.