• 01 Apr 2021
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AIU Student Lama Abboud undertakes a full semester at the University of Minho funded by Erasmus+

Faculty of Architecture student Lama Abboud received a scholarship to study one semester at the University of Minho in Portugal for the academic year 2020 – 2021, within the framework of the partnership between the host university and the Arab International University; funded by the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Program.
Several distinguished students competed for the scholarship seat, and the delegated student won it according to the evaluation and transparency standards followed within the Erasmus program standards; the student receiving the scholarship gets the necessary funding for travel, accommodation, and studying expenses for one semester at the host university.
It is worth mentioning that the Arab International University, since its establishment, has always sought to increase scientific expertise, knowledge, and opportunities for its students through partnerships and international activities with prestigious universities around the world.
For more information about The University of Minho (UMINHO) Portugal: