Graduation and majors in the College of Arts

Graduation & Majors

Graduation from the Faculty of Arts at the Arab International Private University

The student gets a degree in arts, which entitles him/her to enroll in:
  • Syrian Plastic Artists Union: Holders of the College of Arts certificate, interior architecture or visual communications.
  • Artists Syndicate: Holders of the College of Arts certificate, acting or film directing.

This in turn gives the affiliate the opportunity to practice all works and projects related to the arts, and participate in activities and events related to this field, given the specificity and flexibility of modern and contemporary arts mechanisms in which many disciplines participate in one project, such as cinema, theater, TV programs, artistic production companies, sound studios, sports, cultural festivals, residential, commercial and recreational projects.

Majors of the Faculty of Arts at the Arab International Private University

  1. Interior Architecture Department
    The Department of Interior Architecture at the International Arab University offers a 4-year program of study aimed at providing professional education based on the international curriculum. The department provides an ideal environment that encourages broad learning and critical thinking in the concept of design. At the same time, it emphasizes to a great extent the integration of theory and practice with art and technology. In addition to professional skills and tools, the program also provides an artistic and cultural foundation that contributes to the formation of expressive, technical and cultural education and qualification, which expresses itself individually for each student. The Arab International University promotes more of its goals through design studio works, art and architecture history, building materials, lighting technology, computer skills and tools, and fine arts courses.
  2. Optical Communications Department
    In our daily lives, we encounter various forms of graphic design, from the products we buy, to the books and magazines we read to computer games and graphics on the Internet. Visual communication designers use a variety of media and technologies to target, engage, entertain and motivate the audience. Therefore, the Visual Communications Department at the Arab International University offers a 4-year course that focuses on appropriate strategic communication through the design process that includes research, analysis, concept planning, and implementation. This process creates innovative optical communication solutions for local and global contemporary design problems in its scope. The Department of Visual Communication aims to teach future designers the necessary experience to visualize the most pressing visual problems and then study them systematically through applying practical media skills and theoretical knowledge in order to provide creative solutions.
  3. Acting and Film Directing
    • Acting Section:
      In the Acting Section, qualified actors are graduated, in the field of cinematic, theater and television acting, with high talents and competitive ability in the Syrian, Arab and international labor market, with various competencies and skills that enable them to work in cinema, theater and television.
    • Film Direction Section:
      The Film Directing Section provides the local, Arab and international labor market with film directors who have an in-depth understanding of the directing craft and its social, political and economic role and with artistic, cultural and aesthetic skills that enable them to understand the local and regional environment and to reflect it cinematically in a creative and creative way.