Dr. Bissan Ahmed


Dr. Bissan Ahmed


*Date and place of birth: 05/6/69, Damascus, Syria.

*Nationality: Belgian.

*Diploma in Medical Science (1996). Damascus University, Syria.

*Training in Damascus hospital (1996-1997), Syria.

*Master of Medical Sciences-Pathology (1999), Division Pathology, Univ Hosp, KULeuven University, Belgium (promotor: Prof. J. Van den Oord).

*September 1999 pre-doctorate research at the Lab. Exp Radiobiology, Division Radiotherapy/Oncology, Univ Hosp, KULeuven University, Belgium.

*Doctorate in Medical Science (2006), Lab. Exp Radiobiology and Oncology, KULeuven University, Belgium. (Promotor: Prof. P. Lambin) (Co-promotor: Prof. A. Griffioen).

*Post doc. Position in Harvard University, Lab. of Prof. Judah Folkman, Vascular Biology Program, U.S.A (2006).

* Research Fellow in the pathology department, Liege University, Belgium (2008).

*Research Associate in Portland University (U.S.A) (2010).

*Clinical Research Associate in ULB University (Belgium) (Jules Bordet Institute) ( 2012).

* Prof. of Pathology and Histology and Cancer Researcher in Pharmacology department in the Arab international University in Damascus Syria (2019)

Award (oral presentation) at the Belgian Association for Cancer Research (BACR) annual meeting, Brussels, 01/2002.

ERR-2001 travel Award based on the quality of the scientific work presented in 31st Annual Meeting of the European Society for Radiation Biology, 09/2001, Dresden, Germany.

Belgian American Educational Foundation Honorary Award (2006).


CLAYTON FOUNDATION FOR RESEARCH yearly grant in Portland University 2010.


Fc- Endostatin in Harvard University.

STY-RMR in Portland University.

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- Diploma in Medical Science (1996). Damascus University, Syria.

- Training in Damascus hospital (1996-1997), Syria.

- Master of Medical Sciences-Pathology (1999), Division Pathology, Univ