Surveying Lab


 Surveying Lab  


        This laboratory is founded to perform the practical applications and training of the students of the civil                 engineering and architectural engineering of all the surveying works and the use of the different kind of             surveying instruments, apparatuses and equipments.                        

      At the end of the study, the student will be able to know all the surveying instruments and apparatus and           using them in the field for all civil engineering requirements.  The students will also get the ability of using           different programs and software which the instruments are supplied with like using the Planimeter, using             the GPS,and using the Auto geo program to obtain a digital surveying plan and plotting it.

   Main instruments and apparatus in the Lab

    1- Optical prismatic staff.           

    2 - Levels (digital and mechanical).                                                                                         

    3 – Theodolite.

    4 - Total station.  

    5 – Planimeter.

    6 - GPS instruments (geographic positioning system)

    7 - The necessary surveying software such as – Autogeo.