Physics Lab


This lab aims to familiarize the students with the application of physics in buildings. The major focus will be the mechanics and the thermodynamics especially as they apply to civil engineering.

Major contents of the Lab

-          A balance pan.

-          A chronometer.

-          A sliding clamps.

-          Laboratory jack.

-          An oscilloscope type CS-4125 made by feedback or equivalent.

-          DC and AC power supply type 1350.93 made by Phywe.

-          A digital voltmeter (for DC and AC measurements) type 07134.00 supplied by Phywe.

-          An optical bench.

-          An auto transformer which supplies power to the source.

-          A variable resistor with a slider.

-          A DC millivoltmeter (0-300mV).

-          A Dc milliamperemeter (0-200 mA).

-          Wheatstone bridge.

-          A galvanometer.

-          A set of standard resistors used for electronic circuits.

-          A Venire caliper.

-          Multi-flashes photograph of 0.1 sec separation for a simple pendulum, a protractor.

-          An electrical heater.

-          Tripod holder.

-          Mixer.

-          Type NTC thermistor fastened to a holder.

-          Digital ohmmeter.

-          Hair dryer.

-          A digital voltmeter (0-30V), Connecting leads.

-          A probe which has a pen tip. A DC power supply (0-30V).

-          Solar panel made of 4 solar cells.


-          Apparatus for measuring thermal coefficient of expansion for metallic rod.