Civil Engineering - Admission Policy

Admission and Registration Policy

The Faculty of Civil Engineering at Arab International University (AIU), accepts students through either of the following two assessment criteria:

  • Registering at AIU:
  1. Students holding a Syrian Baccalaureate Certificate (SB) (Baccalaureate – department of science) must obtain a specified AGPA grade percentage to register in the faculty of Civil Engineering. This percentage is assigned annually to students by the Ministry of Higher Education.
  2. Holders of an equivalent Non-Syrian Baccalaureate certificate (NSB), according to the rules appointed by the Ministry of Higher Education, can also join the faculty, however, they must obtain a higher AGPA percentage than accepted SB Holders.

  • Transferring to the Faculty of Civil Engineering at AIU:

Students who have graduated from other technical institutes, or have fulfilled the required amount of credit hours/academic years in their previous university, or those who are still studying in other universities/institutes can be transferred to the faculty of Civil Engineering at AIU. In the case of these students, regulations will be conducted and applied by the Ministry of Higher Education. Student may then be exempted from a number of credit hours (or courses) according to equivalence norms and rules adopted by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Important Notes
SB holders must take a Remedial Math course if their Math score percentage is below 65%; whereas, NSB holders must take the Remedial Math course regardless of their Math percentage.