Dr. Hala Tuffaha


Dr. Hala Tuffaha




1996, “Bedouins and their tents”. Scientific journal of College of Architecture, construction, and environmental engineering, Poland.

1997, “Bedouin tents and their usability for new functions”. Scientific journal of College of Architecture, construction, and environmental engineering, Poland.

2001, “Architect Richard Meir”. Al-Mohandas Al-Arabi journal, Damascus, Syria.

2002, “The use of traditional tent methods and materials to fulfil contemporary desert needs”. Al-Bina magazine, issue no. 148, year 22.

November 2002: “The use of traditional tent structural system and materials to fulfil contemporary functional needs in the desert”. A paper presented in the conference of: Urban Development in Arid Regions & Associated Problems, organized by the Ministry of Public Work & Housing, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.

April 2003: “The role of Building technology in achieving human comfort under the given environmental conditions”. A paper presented in a conference titled IACA5 Urban & Environment. Held in the Department of Architecture, University of Cairo, 20th to 22nd April.

September 2003: “Improving teaching methodologies in schools of architecture to enhance the interaction between student and faculty members”. A paper presented in the conference of: Towards Best Engineering Practices in U.A.E, organized by the Society of Engineers in UAE. 16th -17th September.




2015-2018 Head of  Department of Architectural Design and Drawings

2012-2018 Lecturer at the faculty of Architecture – AIU

2011-2012 Vice Dean for Academic Affairs & Administrative affairs


2006 -2007 Supervising the process of upgrading the interior quality of the spaces of the  department of Interior Design (female) at King Faisal University, using some of the  students’ work produced in the Art courses.

2005 -2007 Developing a method for teaching industrial design, applied in many 4th & 5th  year students' projects .

2006 -2007 Organizing the event of “Al-Oula dialogues on Domestic Interior Design”.      

2001-  2007          Lecturer & Assistant Professor – Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  Department of Interior Design (Female), King Faisal University.

  Academic Activities 2004

1-      Developing a method for students assessment and following-up in design

studios. All design studios in the Department of Interior Design, King Faisal University, adopted the method.

2-      Developing a method of following-up first year students in the subject of

Graphic and basic design, which was adopted for 3 years.         

1998 – 2001         Assistant Professor - Faculty of Architecture, Damascus University.

1988 – 1992         Lecturer - Damascus, Syria Faculty of Architecture , Damascus University

1998 Doctorate degree in Technology of Architecture Wodge University of Technology, Faculty of Architectural Construction & Environmental Engineering, Poland. 1987 Bachelor Degree in Architecture Faculty of Architecture, Damascus University, Syria