Dr. Aref swaidani

Dr. Aref swaidani


Vice-Dean of Faculty of Scientific Research, AIU, since Sep./2015.

-Vice-Dean for scientific & administrative affairs, Faculty of Architectural Engineering, Arab International (Formerly European) University (AIU), from Sep./2011 until Sept./2015.

-Associate professor, Arab International (Formerly European) University AIU, since 8/2017.

-Assistant professor, Arab International (Formerly European) University (AIU) from 2007/2008 until


-Head of Engineering Studies and Research Dep., the Governmental Sector, Syria, from 2005 until now.

-Structural/materials engineering consultant, Order of the Syrian Engineers, 2016.

Ph.D. degree in structural Engineering, Durability of RC structures, INSA de Lyon, France & Damascus University, Syria (Joint supervision), 2005, Honor. -Master degree in structural Engineering, Damascus University, 1999, Excellent. -Higher studies in structural Engineering, Damascus University, 1993, very good; first graduate. -Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Damascus University, 1990, good. -Higher studies degree in the Public management, Damascus University, 2002, Excellent; first graduate. -Bachelor’s degree in journalism, Damascus University, 1999, very good, first graduate
Co-Author of a book titled “Volcano”, Chapter titled “Volcanic Scoria as Cement Replacement”, In TechOpen, 2018. Indexed in Web of Science. http://dx.doi.org/10.5772/intechopen.77970. -Co-translator of “Materials for architects & builders” book, Arthur Lyon, 2013 (From English into Arabic). المنشورات: 1. AM. Al-Swaidani, Inhibition Effect of Natural Pozzolan and Zinc Phosphate Baths on Reinforcing Steel Corrosion, International Journal of Corrosion; Volume 2018, Article ID 9078253, 18 pages; indexed in Scopus & Web of Science. 2. AM. Al-Swaidani et al., Improvement of the Early-Age Compressive Strength, Water Permeability, and Sulfuric Acid Resistance of Scoria-Based Mortars/C