Chemistry lab

Chemistry lab


This lab will provide a good knowledge of some chemical concepts, which are necessary for civil engineering students. A special attention is given to the ingredients of cement and concrete, and roles they play. Electrochemistry and corrosion of metals will also be given a special focus.

General Equipments used in the lab

  • Oven 55 liter / up to 250°C                 1
  • Centrifuge 12 tubes 4000 r/min        1
  • Stirrer hotplates                                   8
  • Analytical Balance                                1

Students will observe, identify, and analyze some common household chemicals. They also will identify onions and cations in known and unknown samples. Experiments for determining the quality and hardness of water will also be gone through. Experiments for determining quantitatively the percentage of sulfate ion in a sample will also be done. An experiment for identifying Group I metal carbonate is determined gravimetrically using double replacement precipitation reaction.