Building Materials Lab


In this lab, the students are disposed to the fundamental knowledge of the most important materials in civil engineering. They will be able to determine the engineering characteristics of these materials like density, bulk density, specific gravity, etc. Compression’s and tension’s Strength of steel and concrete materials will be given a special focus as they are the most common materials used today in civil engineering.


1.       General equipment:

o   Electrical digital oven with 500 liter capacity (1)

o   Electronic laboratory balance capacity 45000×0.01 gram (1)

o   Electronic top loading balance 20000 × 0.1 g (1)

o   Thermometers

o   Watches & Clocks

o   Sample trays

o   Aspirators

o   Spatulas with wooden handle

o   Additional equipment (Buckets, Dishes, rubber hammers, gloves, bags, Beaker Aluminum, Bowl...) (5) each item   

o   Large curing tank with heater (1)

o   Slump Test Set (1)

o   Cube moulds

2.  Special equipment:

1.       Loss Angeles abrasion machine ASTM C131, EN 1097-2 (1)  

2.       Compressive strength machine according to BS 3892-3, ASTM C39, AASHTO T22 (1)

3.       100 kN flexural beams frame (Bending device) BS7263, ASTM C87 (1)

4.       Concrete test hammers according to EN12504-2 ASTM C805 (1)

5.       Servo-Controlled Electromechanical Universal Testing Machine EN10002, ASTM A376 (1)

6.       Pipes compression machine BS, ASTM, AASHTO T22 (1)

7.       Electric Core Drilling Machine, with Vacuum Facility (1)

8.       Concrete mixer (1)


9.       Tiles Abrasion Machine (1)