Civil Engineering Mission & Vision


Our mission is to develop the capabilities and competences of students through modern educational and research curricula and programs. We will achieve that by transferring knowledge that prepare our students to work in civil engineering considering Reconstruction needs in the local market and those of Urbanization Revolution in some Arab markets.



  • The Faculty of Civil Engineering strives to deliver extensive scientific and engineering expertise to equip graduates with qualification for joining civil engineering disciplines in public and private sectors for the benefit of the civil engineering profession and the Syrian society by providing graduates equipped with leadership, knowledge and teamwork capabilities.
  • To participate in the persistence advancement of the civil engineering science through enforcing continuous work and education.
  • To provide students with competencies that help them pursue study and research in civil engineering and related sciences.
  • To equip students with skills that help them to hold a leading position in the world of civil engineering.
  • To provide students with modern and distinct curricula consistent with the requirements of local, Arab and global market.
  • To provide a learning environment that encourage students to develop entrepreneurship, leadership, ethical behavior and teamwork.
  • Development trends in the Faculty are based on collaboration with partner universities in Europe and worldwide, so students can deal with multiculturalism and era innovations.