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Success stories


Khaled Alkassem

After my graduation from Arab International University in 2010 as a pharmacist, I worked for two years in pharmaceutical industry, namely Orient Pharma. ... more


Hisham Ezzaldeen
Informatics & Communication Engineering

Growing up in Syria, I have always wanted to study engineering, specifically related to satellites and outer space applications.After graduating from Al-Basel ... more


Nouman Al Mofti

I studied pharmacy at the Arab International University between 2005 till 2010.I was among the first batch to graduate from the Arab International University. ... more


Firas Khalifeh
Informatics & Communication Engineering

Some of you know me for being the co-founder of CarbonWorks, Inc. the company behind Carbon smartphone. Graduated as a computer engineer with software ... more


Ahmad Armoush
Informatics & Communication Engineering

  I start growing with big dreams keeping up with this technology, I want to be something where is very hard in where we are from to reach this dream ... more


laith Abu rakty
Informatics & Communication Engineering

Since early childhood and throughout my teenage years, I developed a huge passion for everything and anything computer-related. I was still 14 when I started ... more


Dania Samir Humaidan
Informatics & Communication Engineering

I will always be proud to be an AIU alumnus! I have always dreamed of becoming a computer scientist designing algorithms to solve problems. When I passed ... more


Tony Absy

In 2005 my dream came true and I became pharmacy student at the AIU, where I spent the best 5 years of my life .I had the chance to obtain a high level ... more


Abood Mourad
Informatics & Communication Engineering

Since my early childhood, being an engineer was always among my brightest dreams. In 2007, this dream took its first step when I joined the Arab International ... more


Khaled Walid Al-Sabbagh
Informatics & Communication Engineering

.  Being an alumni at Arab International University (AIU) has opened up many doors abroad. Having a Bachelors of Science (BSc) in IT Engineering gave ... more


Abdulwahab Barakat

I studied Pharmacy at the Arab International University (AIU) and graduated with a very good GPA with the first graduating class (Aljalaa Class) in summer, ... more


Mohammad Firas Alkurdi
Informatics & Communication Engineering

After graduation from the Arab International University (AIU) in 2013, I travelled to Lebanon to get CCNA certificate in networks. After that, I worked ... more


May Ben Khadra
Business Administration

May Ben Khadra worked as a corporate banker for 6 years. She is a BA holder in Banking and Finance from Arab International University. She is also certified ... more

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