A Framework for Estimating Efforts in Developing Web Projects

  • 03 Dec 2022
  • Published Resarch - Informatics & Communication


Rawan Nasr –  Mohamed Ali Mohamed

Published in

Al-Baath University Journal, Volume 44, Issue 11, 2022.



The field of efforts estimating of implementation software projects is facing great difficulties due to the inability to accurately determine the effort expended in order to estimate the correct cost compared to the effort expended. Therefore, for generations, many ideas, studies, algorithms and methodologies have been developed that seek to estimate the effort as closely as possible based on multiple criteria, most notably COCOMO, which Depends on the number of lines of code, and the Use Case Point is based on the use case tables on which the software is built. After studying a lot of solutions (including the past two mentioned models) a new idea was reached that relies on the data of the requirements study and a fully analytical study of the project, to determine the remaining stages of the completion of the software project, which are (design - implementation - testing - publishing - maintenance), and entering all the details of the data that determining the work that will be done to implement the project accurately, such as designing the pages, interfaces, database, and programming codes to be written, with specifying their volumes.

The project was tested by building a website that allows entering project data, and the output was compared with the outputs of COCOMO and Use Case Point, and it was found with us that by accurately identifying the project data, we got a saving in the time allocated to completing the project, and thus saving in staff and cost.

Key words: Effort - Effort Estimation - Cost Estimation - Multi- Criteria Analysis (MCA) - Value Adjustment Factor (VAF) - Source line of code (SLOC) - Use Case Point (UCP) – Expert Judgment - Analogy Historical.

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